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Get the Perfect Property in Yorktown, VA and York County, VA with Help from a Professional Realtor®

Live just minutes away from a variety of attractions and learn about our country’s history by moving to Yorktown, VA! Part of the Historic Triangle, Yorktown, VA is just a short drive away from Williamsburg and Jamestown via the Colonia; Parkway. Yorktown is filled with culture and history, allowing you to experience the intrigue of living in a historical location while also providing you with modern-day accommodations. As your Realtor®, I can help you find the perfect property for your family. I am an agent that’s helped many Buyers find outstanding homes, assisted property management professionals in finding the perfect properties, and has made selling homes easy. Call now and get started finding the perfect home in the Yorktown, VA area.

See All Yorktown and York County Have to Offer

Let a Realtor® help you find the perfect home in this beautiful historic area! Settled along the York River, this location offers a range of activities, whether you want to visit historical sites or enjoy concerts near the water. Want to just sit back and relax? Then take a stroll through the market, or enjoy a nice walk along the river. At Yorktown, VA, there’s something everyone can enjoy! York County played a large role in Colonial times right up to the space age! NASA Langley played a crucial role in the space race at the start of manned flight and is still an important part of America’s space exploration. Your County, VA stretches along the York River and is home to several large and important U.S. military facilities located along the York River. Whether you’re a hiker, biker, kayaker, power boater or beach lover—York County is a great outdoor recreation destination.

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